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Registration and cancellation conditions for programs and labs.


Where reference is made below to 'process', 'lab' can also be read.




1.1 By registering for a trajectory you enter into an agreement with DOK LABS. and declare that you agree with the registration conditions as stated here.


1.2 The agreement is concluded as soon as your registration DOK LABS. has reached, and DOK LABS. Your registration has been confirmed. We will confirm your registration immediately by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided in the registration form.


1.3 DOK LABS. will only process fully completed application forms.


1.4 Applications are accepted in the order they are received.




2.1 Prices for our routes may change periodically. Only the prices as stated on the website are valid. All prices are exclusive of VAT, unless stated otherwise.


2.2 The registration fees due must be paid no later than 14 days after receipt of the invoice.


2.3 You are in default by operation of law without additional notice of default being required from the date on which the applicable payment term has expired and the fee due has not been paid in full. DOK LABS. will then send you a payment reminder, after which you can still pay within the period specified therein. If you have not paid the full fee due after this period, DOK LABS. charge the statutory interest with effect from the date on which the original payment term has expired.


2.4 Any extrajudicial or judicial collection costs are for your account.




3.1 For timely notification, it is important that we receive your registration at least four (4) weeks before the start of the course. DOK LABS. decides about two (2) weeks before the start of a trajectory whether it can continue.


3.2 If you have registered for a route and you want to cancel, the following cancellation conditions apply:


You can only cancel in writing, by written we also mean e-mail;

With a digital registration you have a legal reflection period of fourteen (14) days within which you can cancel free of charge. If the start date of the program falls within the cooling-off period of 14 days, the cooling-off period for free cancellation expires at the moment the program starts and the applicant actually becomes a participant.

If the statutory cooling-off period has expired, you can cancel free of charge up to two (2) weeks before the start of a process;

You can no longer cancel within two (2) weeks before the start of a trajectory. You can transfer your place to a colleague.


3.3 DOK LABS. is entitled to postpone a course, change the location, provide the program online, cancel or change meeting dates without additional or reduced costs, if there are too few registrations or when special circumstances make this necessary. DOK LABS. is not liable for any resulting costs and damage at the expense of the participant and/or applicant.




4.1 The liability of DOK LABS. is limited to a maximum of the registration fee you paid and (if applicable) examination fees.


4.2 DOK LABS. reserves the right to refuse, suspend and/or remove you in special circumstances. Participants who do not behave according to the social norm, show aggressive or violent behavior or commit fraudulent acts may be suspended from a trajectory.


4.3 All DOK LABS. material provided, the brochures or other work, arising from or related to the process, has been carefully and to the best of its ability by DOK LABS. developed and/or compiled. DOK LABS. is, however, in no way liable for damage, of whatever nature, resulting from (possible) incorrect information in the material, brochures or any other work arising from or related to the process, unless there is intent or willful recklessness on the part of the professionals of DOK LABS.





5.1 The data provided by you will be included in the automated administration of the DOK LABS. This data is processed internally and used for responsible customer management and responsible business operations, such as being able to register participants, handling payments and sending teaching materials and sending information about our programs or related information.


5.2 DOK LABS. may provide data to third parties for the following reasons:


To persons who are directly involved in the guidance of clients/participants, such as program counsellors, coaches or teachers.


To companies that facilitate payment, so-called payment providers, such as iDeal and Apple Pay.


If required by law/government authorities.


5.3 Customers/participants have the right to access and correct their personal data. DOK LABS. complies with the Personal Data Protection Act (CBP). Customers/participants who no longer wish to receive information from us can notify us in writing.






6.1 You will receive teaching material during the courses. These are exclusively intended for your own use, for the benefit of your learning and development process. It is not permitted to copy, distribute or otherwise reuse and/or publish the materials without the express prior written permission of DOK LABS.

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